what can i do for you?

Osteopathy is available to everyone. I currently work at John Bradley Osteopaths in Clayton Le-moors Accrington, where I offer Osteopathy, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Osteopathy £40
Children (up to 15) £30 - £30

I also work in the The Core Clinic in Crosby, Liverpool on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Initial Consultation £45
Follow up treatments £40
Children (up to 5) Initial £35
Children (up to 5) Follow up £30

What will happen on your visit?

The first time you visit I will ask about what is troubling you and take a full detailed case history and ask about your medical history and general health.

I will then carry out an observation, which may involve asking you to perform a series of simple movements, so that we can establish what is painful or restricted for you.

When I have completed my observation I will then discuss your problem with you, with the aid of diagrams and books, if needed. I will then give you advice as to what treatment is appropriate and book you back in for another appointment if that is the course of action decided upon.

If you have any questions at all during your visit, I will endeavour to answer them for you.

Contact me, Cai the Osteopath to see what I can do for you.

what can cai the osteopath do for you?