welcome to caitheosteopath

Good morning, I am Cai, an Osteopath now working in Clayton-le-moor, Accrington.

I give efficient, effective and above all a friendly service to everyone for the treatment of aches, pains and more complex problems.

You may...

  • have sports injuries.
  • experience birth trauma, mother/baby.
  • have a baby with colic, reflux or sleep problems.
  • have a child with recurring problems ranging from multiple infections, e.g. glue ear to accidents and trauma.
  • feel your general health is suffering from chronic aches and pains accumulated over your life.

Working with you I will Assess, Plan and Implement a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Together we will evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and modify as necessary.

Please browse the website and contact me for more information.

cai the osteopath